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This free sound pack contains a collection of ambient music and sound effects created for horror games.

Each ambient sound effect is on average one minute long and has 5 unique variations, each with a different duration. All 35 sound tracks are loopable and the cumulative length of all tracks is 40+ minutes.

For a DEMO preview of the sound effect pack on SoundCloud, click here

Thank you, and enjoy!

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(2 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, Ghosts, Horrible, Horror, Monsters, Mystery, Survival Horror, Zombies


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Readme.rtf 1 kB
The Creature 1.wav 23 MB
The Creature 2.wav 21 MB
The Creature 3.wav 23 MB
The Creature 4.wav 27 MB
The Creature 5.wav 24 MB
Alone at Twilight 1.wav 42 MB
Alone at Twilight 2.wav 27 MB
Alone at Twilight 3.wav 36 MB
Alone at Twilight 4.wav 25 MB
Alone at Twilight 5.wav 24 MB
Paranormal Phenomena 1.wav 26 MB
Paranormal Phenomena 2.wav 25 MB
Paranormal Phenomena 3.wav 19 MB
Paranormal Phenomena 4.wav 29 MB
Paranormal Phenomena 5.wav 33 MB
Close Encounter 1.wav 29 MB
Close Encounter 2.wav 24 MB
Close Encounter 3.wav 21 MB
Close Encounter 4.wav 21 MB
Close Encounter 5.wav 30 MB
The Unknown 1.wav 30 MB
The Unknown 2.wav 46 MB
The Unknown 3.wav 35 MB
The Unknown 4.wav 38 MB
The Unknown 5.wav 24 MB
Exploring Nightmare 1.wav 22 MB
Exploring Nightmare 2.wav 30 MB
Exploring Nightmare 3.wav 22 MB
Exploring Nightmare 4.wav 33 MB
Exploring Nightmare 5.wav 4 MB


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Nice sound pack, I'll definitely use it on my game.
I'll credit you ;)

Thanks! Do get in touch when your game is done, best of luck :)

Is it possible to add as a soundtrack in youtube video?

(2 edits)

Hi there, only if you can provide credits via a link to my website in the description. Thanks

Do you need just a link in the video description or something more informative


If you could please put something like 'Music from DHSFX - (https://dhsfx.co.uk/)' that'd be great, thanks!


Mysteriously spooky. Its cool

Thanks, I'm glad you like them!

(1 edit)

Is it completely free for non-commercial? I mean, I'll credit you. But I want to be on the safe side of things. The music you provide here is beautifully made.

Hello, thanks for the query. You may use the free sounds in your game so long as you provide credits to DHSFX with a website link to dhsfx (dot) co.uk. Thanks for the kind words too!
If you wouldn't mind, I would potentially like to feature your future game in a short showreel should you be comfortable with this. Please let me know when your project is complete and I'd love to put it on my public list of games which have incorporated my assets.
Best of luck with the development!

Ahh... It's entirely up to you but must warn you. Zombie/Werewolves/Vampire/Ghost game with a lot of porn assets. The last thing I want to do is hurt your reputation if you're on a more friendly side of things. Like the Ratings. Everyone, Teens, Matured, Adult Only. I'm Adult Only.

If this doesn't bother you, I will write down in my list to give you the link of the game which will be on F95Zone.


Thanks for the honest response, but I am keeping my content safe for work for now. Best of luck with your project I hope it turns out well for you!

Thank you! I wish you the same.


This is great! ^^



Nice Music Horror


Can I use it in commercial games too? I will credit you.

If you give credits then yes!

Soundcloud link is dead

Thanks for letting me know - it should be working now!

Hi,i am able to use those soundtracks for free in my game ? Yes, it might be a stupid question but I want be sure that there will be no copyright problem

Yes, provided you put credits to my profile!

yup :)